(Scroll for German version) BMW Motorrad and I have been connected for business reasons for many years, and you can say that the Bavarian car and motorcycle manufacturer is somehow responsible that I made my rider’s license in 2010. After having returned back, BMW made another interview about my experiences. Interview by Andy Dukes for BMW Motorrad Having worked with BMW Motorrad on many brand campaigns, Rolf Lange was inspired to ‘Make… Read More

Again, the ‘Bayerisches Fernsehen’, a German TV station, was interested about my journey and made a short film about me that was aired on Thursday, February 11th. Even if I don’t like watching myself in front of the camera, I really like the result. The documentary was about surviving and poverty around the world (in German). Watch here: Rolf Lange in der Sendung Geld&Leben, Bayerisches Fernsehen

I was honored to be live at the television show ‘Abendschau’ in Munich yesterday. Have a look! Available in German only. DEUTSCH: Ich fühlte mich gestern geehrt live beim Bayerischen Rundfunk in der Abendschau zu Gast zu sein. Schaut rein!

I am a little nervous. Excited. It actually almost feels as if I am on the brink of a new adventure. In five days, after almost 17 months, I will be home, and I have no idea how it will feel. I have read a lot about how other people coped with returning home after a long journey. Most say that the first few days are great as you continue to bask… Read More

I am kind of sad. I am leaving Nairobi tomorrow, flying to Casablanca with my motorcycle. The last four months were one of the best experiences I have ever had. Watch my short video about riding in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

(scroll for German version) Saturday, 8 a.m. I was roaming somewhat at random through a slum sprawled over a hillside not far from the centre of the Rwandan capital, Kigali. It was quiet and there was almost no one to be seen. A couple of children were playing outside of their shacks and watching me. Suddenly, a girl took my hand and led me through the narrow, winding streets. She had guessed… Read More

(scroll for German version) ‘I’m okay, you can trust me’, said Jamal even before I had finished taking off my helmet. I had just come to a stop in front of the customs building at the border between Mozambique and Malawi and already half a dozen men had gathered round me. They all wanted to offer me a service or sell me something small, such as reflective stickers for my motorcycle or… Read More

I have no words. Observing the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, in fact being right in the middle of their group, is the best wildlife experience I have ever had. Rwanda is doing a wonderful job in protecting these beautiful animals, or, better said, the ancestors of all humans.

(scroll for German version) I can still remember how anxious I was as I was planning this trip: What kinds of insurance do I need? Which suppliers should I consider? What are suitable tariffs? Of course, 14 months of travel and 55,000 km later, you begin to feel more relaxed about it. But there are four types of insurance I think motorbike travellers should consider. And I feel it’s important to mention… Read More

(Scroll for German version and photo gallery) Raps leaned over the crackling campfire and stirred the food in the pot to prevent it from burning onto the bottom. A short distance away, we could hear the palm trees rustling as the elephants shook fruit from the branches with their trunks. Otherwise, it was silent here on the small island in the heart of the Okavango Delta. Then Rapenang – his real name –… Read More

From sunrise to sunset, the Namib-Naukluft National Park offers stunning views of the oldest desert in the world. Whatever you are doing right now, I suggest you take a little break, listen to some relaxing music and dive into the beauty of one of the most amazing places on earth. Photos taken in Sossusvlei, Deadvlei and Big Daddy Dune, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia, August 2015.

(scroll for German Version) I am speechless. Just two hours ago I met Zolira and Mauro on the BR-101 highway in southern Brazil; like me, they were riding on their motorcycles. We are now sitting in a restaurant and they are buying me dinner. After paying for my hotel room. And water at the petrol station. And the road tolls. When I asked why they were doing this, Mauro told me a… Read More

(scroll for German version) The cloud of dust that the truck throws up in front of me is so dense that my vision is completely obscured. The dust particles get through the cloth I have wrapped round my nose and mouth, as does the stench of the gases expelled by the diesel exhaust. I will not be able to take it for long. It is hard to keep more of a distance, as… Read More

(German version below) Buenos Aires airport, the cargo terminal, a huge warehouse. At first glance, the scene appears uncontrollably chaotic. Around a dozen black and gold forklifts flit between the high racks, buzzing like startled bees in a hive. Between them, customs officers and cargo agents wearing neon green hi-vis vests weave their way towards crates and pallets. And I am standing in the middle of it all with my BMW R… Read More

(in Englisch and German, scroll for German) First things first: I love real maps. Paper maps. A poster on the wall, an atlas on the shelf or a fold-out map in my tank bag; it makes no difference. I enjoy perusing the numerous details on a map. I even learned to navigate using a map and compass as a child. What point am I trying to make? There are a few people… Read More


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